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Smart IP PBX System

  Want to access your landline calls on your mobile or on your laptop?
  Want to cut your international call costs drastically?
  Want to screen increase your office productivity to the maximum?
  Want to have a conference with your executives without assembling at a table?

Want to do all these without making a dent in your balance sheet?

The days of missed important calls are over. The days of costly proprietary expensive systems and outdated PBX technology are numbered. Gone are the days when your ISD call charges exceeded your profits. Atizlan SIP IP PBX system. A perfect answer to all the business communication needs of Small Business. Featuring a bundle of Smart PBX 250 smart IP PBX communication system replete with technology and Aastra telephone, this will give you unmatched features at matchless price.

Flexible Call Handling: It’s never been easier to handle all the incoming & outgoing calls. Atizlan IP PBX system allows you to access your calls virtually from anywhere you want. Even on your mobile phone, or laptop you can attend to the call. The days of missed important calls are over.
Least Cost International calls: Now do your international business with ease and no worries of cost. The web based system allows you to make your international calls virtually at no cost.
Full Feature Call Routing & Forwarding: Transfer your calls to a mobile phone, IP phones or even access your calls from your laptop. Apart from the normal call transferring facility the intelligent system can hunt groups, forward calls if busy, offline, or unanswered, supports incoming direct dial, routes from net to phone and vice versa. That’s what convenience is.

Call Restriction & Monitoring: Productivity is important for any organisation’s success. It’s been found that a lot of productive time is being consumed by unwanted calls. Atizlan system allows to monitor the calls and restrict them if found necessary, thus increasing the productivity of any organisation. You can record the calls which is a quality assurance measure in the call centres and a monitoring tool in other offices.

Cost Effective Systems: Unlike proprietary systems or other IP PBX systems Atizlan does not come at a high price. The initial expense of the equipment and installation is lower than any other systems available. There is no need to purchase several devices for a complete solution. It reduces the costs on international calls considerably. And Atizlan saves costs in many more ways.

Messaging & Voicemail Support: Now if at all you miss a call get voice messages in your Email, or retrieve messages from anywhere you want. You can even record personal multiple greetings to the callers and also get caller ID in messages. Packed with other unmatched Voice messaging featured Atizlan is a departmental operators integrated all in one solution.
Virtual Conference Rooms: Wherever your executives are you can have a group discussion without them being present in your board room. Atizlan supports not only traditional conferencing technology but also gives you virtual conference rooms with PBX status Meet Me Conference Room technology.
Multi-vendor & various Phone Support: Unlike other proprietary systems Atizlan gives you flexibility to virtually configure any phone with it, whether it be an IP phone or a normal one.
Multi-site Networking: Enabled by the web this system can be configured for up to 20 sites.
System Capacity: Give up to a whopping 2000 extensions in 20 different sites. You can register up to 100 SIP and make up to 20 concurrent calls. You can have a maximum of 6 analogue trunks.
Management: Even though it packs a lot of features and has the latest technology it is one of the simplest systems to manage. The user friendly interface and the system console make the management a child’s a play. You can also upgrade the software through the internet.

Recommended IP Phone handsets

Aastra Models:    9112i, 9133i, 480i, 480i CT, 53i, 55i, 57i, 57i CT
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