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Web-Guardian™ provides an in-line real-time filtering system that protects your organization from Internet-based threats. In addition, the appliance provides enforcement of the organization's surfing policy. Web-Guardian inspects HTTP and FTP traffic and provides full protection against known and emerging viruses, new-age Virus outbreaks, Worms and Trojan-horses. An additional inspection layer enables the system to block Spyware software. Web-Guardian has the ability to identify and block more than 100 applications such as Peer-to-Peer (P2P), Instant Messaging, VoIP and on-line games. ACR™ technology - Active Content Recognition, enables Web-Guardian real-time classification of infinite web-pages without the need for a static database.

Web-Guardian includes an integrated unique proxy cache engine which significantly improves web-browsing capabilities and reduces bandwidth consumption. The Anti-Virus and Policy engines work without interfering with user productivity or internet performance.

Web-Guardian provides automatic updates and connectivity to Atizlan's Info-Server™ for additional updates and monitoring, guaranteeing maximum reliability. All software and signature updates are automatic and do not require manual intervention, saving time and increasing efficiency.

Web-Guardian is seamlessly integrated into the network using one of four operation modes - Bridge, Gateway, Proxy or Internet Content Adaptation Protocol (ICAP). Each mode is easily implemented and allows the organization to utilize the system in the most suitable way.

Web-Guardian's intuitive and secure web GUI enables easy administration, maintenance and configuration. User-friendly informative logs and statistics are easily produced, enabling the administrator to receive accurate details of the organization's internet traffic.

Web-Guardian matches the unit model to the organization's bandwidth and not to the number of users in the organization, thereby reducing cost and making this system affordable.