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Perimeter Securoty
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Mail-Guardian Mail-Guardian
Mail-Guardian™ - a leading email security appliance that protects organizations of up to 10,000 mail users from both targeted and non-targeted email-related threats. Mail-Guardian provides a buffer between the internet and the organization's email systems, using a full pack of perimeter security layers. Mail-Guardian inspects all email traffic and protects the organization's network from known and emerging threats, such as Viruses & new-age Virus outbreaks, Worms and Trojan-horses. This is done by using a five layer Anti-Virus system and an eleven layer multi-technology Anti-Spam / Anti-Phishing system. This system makes sure that at least 98% of all Spam and Phishing is blocked, keeping the false positive ratio as low as possible. Furthermore, Mail-Guardian has proven technology to fight emerging Image-based Spam (also known as Spam 2.0) and a unique mechanism that detects backscatter (non-legit bounce-back messages) and blocks it. Moreover, the system provides administrators tools to enforce advanced local policy and provides users a mechanism to control and manage their mail flow.
Mail-Guardian offers a full perimeter security solution for all Email threats. Mail-Guardian's goal is to provide a security layer for the organization mail-systems. Many threats can be neutralized at the perimeter level, thus preventing potential abuse of the organizations systems, lowering bandwidth consumption and CPU usage.

Mail-Guardian's multi-layer anti-spam technology rapidly responds to and blocks at least 98% of all incoming spam including new Image Based Spam. When Mail-Guardian's advanced anti-spam module is activated with the Commtouch RPD™ engine, all incoming mail undergoes statistical and pattern detection analysis. Mail is then blocked or tagged as spam. A network's system administrator controls all spam threshold settings, so that an email received from a defined legitimate sender is not tagged as spam. In addition, other layers such as the zombie detection module automatically prevent mass spam.
Mail-Guardian contains enhanced spam quarantine management and spam tagging features. The management interface easily allows retrieval of wanted mail and adds domains and addresses to the white lists.
The advanced anti-spam module can also be activated with the Transparent POP3 proxy feature. This will prevent spam from entering through external POP3 accounts.

Mail-Guardian provides a comprehensive security solution at the perimeter, in order to solve the known inability of anti-virus software to fight newly created viruses and worms. The system is able to detect and block all suspicious mail, and in turn prevent possible threats from infiltrating the network.
Mail-Guardian combines five engines:

  • Atizlan's Heuristic engine - detects and blocks all known and unknown vandals and malicious code and detects suspicious mail behavior. It also detects suspicious code lines and quarantines all such mail
  • Three F-Secure® Anti Virus engines – these three award-winning engines: F-Secure Libra, F-Secure Orion and Kaspersky Labs (AVP engine) provide a security suite for all heuristic and signature based viruses
  • Commtouch's Zero-Hour™ engine This unique engine will identify and block new born virus outbreaks at the perimeter. This engine will identify the outbreak's pattern and will quarantine suspicious mail

To lower Total cost of ownership (TCO), quarantine can be managed by administrators, domain managers or users. The system can be configured to send daily mail traffic reports to users. With this report, users can view their mail traffic, manage their blocked spam and control their own Black and White lists.

Mail-Guardian provides a Three-Tier (global/group/user) Policy Management tool. This tool allows customizing a policy of incoming and outgoing mail, footnotes, attachments, notifications, forwarding etc. Mail-Guardian can smoothly interconnect with existing directory services using the LDAP protocol. This module allows administrators to create a whole range of rules;

  • Policy management per user/group/global
  • Separate policy for local, incoming and outgoing mail
  • Separate Spam score sensitivity
  • Ability to block, delete, strip and park messages
  • File type blocking and stripping (regular, renamed, embedded in an Office document, archived and encrypted)
  • HTML code filters
  • Unlimited quarantine and parking areas
  • Delayed and periodic parking for all directions
  • Configure file types and file groups
  • Notification templates

Backscattered mail is a non-delivery notice received from people whom you haven't sent mail to or from an unknown source. Backscattered mail is caused by viruses that infect computers outside of your network. The viruses forge (fraud) the "From" line of an email message by randomly selecting addresses from an infected machine's address book. Backscattered mail is also caused by spammers who put your email address as the return address of their spam. This can cause hundreds and even thousands of emails to be sent to your mail server. This unique feature, found only in Mail-Guardian, targets backscattered mail. Mail-Guardian prevents backscattered mail and any unwanted bounce-back messages from entering the network.

Mail-Guardian significantly reduces the amount of Backscatter. Mail-Guardian provides automatic updates and connectivity to Atizlan's Info-Server™ for additional updates and monitoring, guaranteeing maximum reliability. All software and signature updates are automatic and do not require manual intervention, saving time and increasing efficiency.

Load Balancing and high availability are features that are embedded in Mail-Guardian 2000 system. Businesses can grow and optimize their scanning power by stacking two or more Mail-Guardian appliances, adding additional systems rather than replacing existing ones. The load balancing configuration should be carried out from within the GUI management console.
Load Balancing – Mail-Guardian systems feature an embedded load balancing mechanism. It is possible to balance SMTP traffic between two or more units without the need for an external device. The systems can share the traffic in all common methods (Round Robin, List Connections, Weighted Round Robin or Weighted list connections) and weigh the traffic as wished. Load balancing is easy to configure and is usually achieved by assigning a virtual IP to the Master and Slave devices.
Fault Tolerance – Mail-Guardian 5000 series hardware platform is designed for fault tolerance. Two mirrored hard drives, two CPU’s and two power supplies guaranty that in case of any hardware failure, the system will continue working without any downtime.
High Availability – Atizlan has devoted many recourses and efforts in finding the best Hardware available in the market in order to provide the highest availability and reliable platform for each hardware model. Furthermore, installing more than one device in any of Atizlan’s recommended topologies (Active-Active, Active-Passive or Scanner-Director) will guaranty continuation of the mail flow in case of a total failure of one of the devices, whether it is related to a hardware problem or to a problem that is not directly related to the device.

Mail-Guardian prevents remote senders from sending mail to the organization on behalf of it (unless they are authenticated). In addition, the system prevents local senders from sending mail with non-local email addresses. When Anti Spoofing is activated, all the organization's remote users must use authentication or a VPN connection, otherwise sent mail will be rejected.

We price our appliances, not by the number of users, but by the capacity of the organization. We match the model to the mail traffic, which usually correlates with the number of users.

Mail-Guardian's intuitive and secure web GUI enables easy administration, maintenance and configuration. User-friendly informative logs and statistics are easily produced, enabling the administrator to receive accurate details of the organization's mail traffic.

Mail-Guardian matches the unit model to the organization's mail traffic and not to the number of users in the organization, thereby reducing cost and making this system affordable.