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Guardian Series
Mail-Guardian Series
Web-Guardian Series
Guardian™ - An "All-in-One" security appliance
Guardian appliance offers a complete all-in-one UTM (Unified Threat Management) solution for small organizations. Guardian combines the best of Atizlan Guardian product with a powerful Firewall and Internet surfing filtering mechanism. Guardian allows organizations of up to 100 users to be protected in all aspects, such as electronic mail and Internet browsing, using a self-maintained, auto-updated solution.
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Mail-Guardian™ - Blocks 98.5% of Spam, including Image-based Spam
Mail-Guardian is a leading email security appliance that protects your organization from both targeted and non-targeted email-related threats. Mail-Guardian, a complete email security solution, blocks most threats prior to receiving the content of the message. This allows organizations to function better by significantly lowering resource consumption and bandwidth, thus saving the organization from having to upgrade its current systems, in order to overcome its lack of network resources.
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Web-Guardian™ - Real-time Web filtering
Web-Guardian provides a real-time filtering system that protects your organization from Internet-based threats. In addition, the appliance provides enforcement of the organization’s surfing policy. Web-Guardian inspects HTTP and FTP traffic and provides full protection against known and emerging Viruses, new-age Virus outbreaks, Worms and Trojan-horses. An additional inspection layer enables the system to block Spyware software. Web-Guardian facilitates organizational productivity, optimizes bandwidth consumption and reduces liability.
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