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Guardian Series
Mail-Guardian Series
Web-Guardian Series

All-in-one SeCurity

  Mail protection suite
  Anti-Spam solution
  Anti-Virus engines
  Policy management
  Mail traffic management
  Mail Server (optional)
  Firewall and VPN
  Web-Filtering (HTTP & FTP)
  Enforce Acceptable usage policy

Block & Manage Spam
With advances spam definitions Atizlan Guardian identifies 98.5% of incoming spam and immediately blocks and tags it as spam. Additionally Atizlan Guardian combines Anti-Spam technology with advanced Policy management. Now you can also define spam according to your organisation’s policies. You can manage the blocked spam and maintain & control your own Black and White lists. Atizlan Guardian has an advanced 11 layer Anti-Span engine enhanced by Recurrent Patter Detection (RPD™) technology. All incoming mail undergoes an in-depth analysis by different layers and identifies which is good and which is bad for your network. And only the good is let out.

Fool-proof Anti-Virus
Atizlan Guardian provides full protection against known and unknown security threats. It features advanced virus definition and five anti-virus engines, worm detection engine, and is combined with 3 F-Secure™ award winning anti-virus scanning engines. Now with all these in place you can be assured that no virus can come into your network. It saves you time, and increase productivity to the maximum. Today even after all these advance technologies in place we cannot predict about any of the hundreds of new viruses deployed everyday. Atizlan Guardian has the Zero-Hour™ outbreak detection engine to detect these new age viruses and worm outbreaks within minutes.

Enhanced Policy Management
Now you can define rules for the entire organization, implement, maintain and manage them easily. Atizlan gives a flexible policy management system for the administrators to enforce organization’s policy for both incoming and outgoing mail flow. So that you can be assured that no unwanted mails have come in or going out. Moreover, your employees will quit sending or receiving jokes, forwards and stops wasting precious productive time, thus enhancing the overall productivity of your office manifolds. Atizlan also smoothly interconnects with existing directory services.

Daily Mail Traffic Reports
In organizations a hefty cost incurs for the system administrators. As technology is increasingly being used in the business environment the number and importance of these administers increases. We understand this problem of the organizations and have introduced additional features in Atizlan Guardian to solve it. With Atizlan Guardian even the users can manage. It can be configured to send daily mail traffic reports to the users. From these reports users can view their mail traffic and manage it accordingly. If the organization chooses not to give the users this facility it can be done by the domain managers, or by the administrators themselves without any additional costs. Accuracy is maintained to the maximum in all the reports generated. User-friendly informative logs and statistics are easily produced, enabling you to manage the mail traffic flow effectively, thus increasing the productivity of the organization without any huge operational cost.

Mail Server (optional)
Now you don’t have to connect to the internet every time a mail comes in. The mail server we provide you will automatically download and store them. Separate mailboxes are created for respective employees and they can access these mails using a simple user-friendly interface. The web access feature enables the users to read their mails from anywhere in the world from this mail server. Atiazlan Guardian comes in 43 different interface languages.


Safe Remote Connection
The virtual private network server (PPTP based) included in the system allows employees to connect to the organization from a remote location. The packet inspection Firewall makes this connection safe and secure. They can access any workstation in the network safely without letting any threats entering the network.

Block Web based threats
When you browse the internet or downloading files some viruses or worms downloads itself through the backdoor. But Atizlan Guardian provides complete protection against these external threats using the same Anti-virus engines that effectively block email based viruses.

Block inappropriate/non-productive content
Restrict the websites viewed inside your office. Only allow productive content to be browsed. Stop your employees from accessing non-productive sites like gambling or entertainment sites and portals or inappropriate content like pornography, drugs etc.


Automated Management: Atizlan Guardian is an auto updated self maintained system requiring minimal management resources and guaranteeing maximum reliability. All software and signature updates are automatically applied without any manual intervention, saving time, increasing efficiency and most importantly reducing costs.

Easy operations: Atizlan Guardian provides a simple user-friendly web-based user interface, enabling easy administration, maintenance and configuration.

Affordable: Atizlan Guardian is a comprehensive all-in-one appliance. There is no need to purchase each solution separately, thus substantially lowering costs and saving money.